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Baze University School Fees for the 2023/2024 Session

Baze University school fees for the 2023/2024 academic session are yet to be approved by the University management. The available payable school fees published by the university management were for the 2022/2023 academic session.

We are optimistic that the Baze University school fees for the 2022/2023 session will guide students and prospective students who wish to enrol at Baze University in the 2023/2024 session.

This article will answer all your questions regarding payable fees at Baze University, particularly the Baze University school fees for undergraduate and postgraduate students.

How do you keep your financial implication in check? Keep reading, as this article will expose you to all you need to know regarding Baze University school fees.

Baze university school fees

With the exorbitant Baze University school fees, the management of the University considers individual financial state and approves six instalments of the payable school fee. Interesting right?

Baze University School Fees for Undergraduate Students

Baze University School fees for undergraduate students are the same for both the first year and the returning students in the same faculty and or department, yet vary depending on the course of study.

For clarity, this article will present the payable fee for Baze University school fees faculty by faculty.

Faculty of Management and Social Sciences

S/N Department Fees
1 B.Sc Accounting NGN 1,497,375.00
2 B.Sc Business Management NGN 1,497,375.00
3 B.Sc Banking and Finance NGN 1,497,375.00
4 B.Sc Economics NGN 1,497,375.00
5 B.Sc Marketing NGN 1,497,375.00
6 B.Sc Insurance and Actuarial Science NGN 1,497,375.00
7 B.Sc Business Administration NGN 1,497,375.00
8 B.Sc International Relations and Diplomacy NGN 1,497,375.00
9 B.Sc Psychology NGN 1,497,375.00
10 B.Sc Mass Communication NGN 1,497,375.00
11 B.Sc Sociology and Anthropology NGN 1,497,375.00
12 B.Sc Political Science NGN 1,497,375.00

Faculty of Law

S/N Department Fees
1 LLB. Law NGN1,663,750.00
2 B.Sc Public and International Law NGN1,663,750.00
3 B.Sc Private and Commercial Law NGN1,663,750.00

Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology

S/N Department Fees
1 B.Sc Computer Science NGN 1,497,375.00
2 B.Sc Information Technology NGN 1,497,375.00
3 B.Sc Information Systems Management NGN 1,497,375.00
4 B.Sc Communication Technology NGN 1,497,375.00
5 B.Sc Software Engineering NGN 1,497,375.00
6 B.Sc Computing for Business NGN 1,497,375.00
7 B.Sc Cyber Security NGN 1,497,375.00

General Studies

S/N Programs Fees
1 General Studies NGN 1,125,000.00
2 B.Sc Foundation Business NGN 1,000,000.00
3 Foundation Computing & IT NGN 1,000,000.00
4 Foundation LAW NGN 1,000,000.00
5 Foundation Sciences NGN 1,000,000.00
6 Interim Joint Matriculation Board Examination NGN 700,000.00
7 Joint Universities Preliminary Examination Board NGN 1,000,000.00

Faculty of Natural and Applied Sciences

S/N Departments Fees
1 B.Sc Physics with Computing NGN 1,497,375.00
2 B.Sc Petroleum Chemistry NGN 1,497,375.00
3 B.Sc Biological Sciences NGN 1,497,375.00
4 B.Sc Financial Mathematics NGN 1,497,375.00
5 B.Sc Microbiology NGN 1,497,375.00
6 B.Sc Biotechnology NGN 1,497,375.00
7 B.Sc Biochemistry NGN 1,497,375.00
8 B.Sc Biotechnology NGN 1,497,375.00

Faculty of Engineering

S/N Departments Fees
1 B.Eng Civil Engineering NGN 1,663,750.00
2 B.Eng Mechanical Engineering NGN 1,663,750.00
3 B.Eng Petroleum and Gas Engineering NGN 1,663,750.00
4 B.Eng Telecommunication Engineering NGN 1,663,750.00
5 B.Eng Computer Engineering NGN 1,663,750.00
6 B.Eng Electrical and Electronics NGN 1,663,750.00
7 B.Eng Chemical Engineering NGN 1,663,750.00
8 B.Eng Mechatronics Engineering NGN 1,663,750.00

Environmental Sciences

S/N Departments Fees
1 B.Sc Architecture NGN 1,663,750.00
2 B.Sc Urban and Regional Planning NGN 1,663,750.00
3 B.Sc Estate Management NGN 1,663,750.00
4 B.Sc Building NGN 1,663,750.00
5 B.Sc Surveying and Geo-informatics NGN 1,663,750.00
6 B.Sc Quantity Surveying NGN 1,663,750.00

Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences

S/N Departments Fees
1 B.Sc Human Anatomy NGN 1,663,750.00
2 Medical Laboratory Science NGN 1,663,750.00
3 B.Sc Human Physiology NGN 1,663,750.00
4 B.Sc Public Health NGN 1,663,750.00
5 B.Sc Radiography and Radiation Science NGN 1,663,750.00

School of Medicine

Medicine and Surgery (MBBS)

Level Fees
100-Level NGN 1,663,750.00
200-Level NGN 2,495,625.00
300-Level NGN 2,495,625.00
400-Level NGN 3,320,625.00

Other Undergraduate Payment

S/N Item Fee
1 Caution Fee NGN 20,000
2 One-off Admission Processing Fee NGN 20,000

Baze University School Fee for Postgraduate Students

The University operates master, postgraduate Diploma (PGD), and PhD programs.

Baze University School fees for master’s programs for all disciplines are flat, except for those that study Engineering courses. All postgraduate Diploma students are to pay the same amount, which applies to the PhD students at Baze University.

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It is important to note that the fee for postgraduate programs is payable on a semester basis.

Below is the payable fee for M.Sc, M.Eng, PGD, and Ph.D.:

Baze university school fees

Master of Science (M.Sc)

S/N Department Fees
1 M.Sc Accounting NGN 2,530,000.00
2 M.Sc Business Management NGN 2,530,000.00
3 M.Sc Animal and Environmental Science NGN 2,530,000.00
4 M.Sc Economics NGN 2,530,000.00
5 M.Sc Management NGN 2,530,000.00
6 M.Sc Chemistry NGN 2,530,000.00
7 M.Sc Intelligence and Global Security NGN 2,530,000.00
8 M.Sc International Relations and Diplomacy NGN 2,530,000.00
9 M.Sc Clinical Psychology NGN 2,530,000.00
10 M.Sc Microbiology NGN 2,530,000.00
11 M.Sc Sociology NGN 2,530,000.00
12 M.Sc Mass Communication NGN 2,530,000.00
13 M.Sc Parasitology NGN 2,530,000.00
14 M.Sc Microbiology NGN 2,530,000.00
15 M.Sc Computer Science NGN 2,530,000.00
16 M.Sc Public Administration NGN 2,530,000.00
17 M.Sc Security, Leadership and Society NGN 2,530,000.00
18 M.Sc Quantity Surveying (Project Management) NGN 2,750,000.00

Master of Engineering (M.Eng)

1 M.Eng Electrical and Electronics Engineering NGN 2,750,000.00
2 M.Eng Mechanical Engineering NGN 2,750,000.00
3 M.Eng Computer Engineering NGN 2,750,000.00
4 M.Eng Civil Engineering NGN 2,750,000.00
5 M.Eng Petroleum and Gas Engineering NGN 2,750,000.00

Baze University School Fees for Business Administration and Law Postgraduate

1 Master of Business Administration (MBA) NGN 3,080,000.00
2 LLM Law NGN2,750,000.00

Baze University School Fees for Postgraduate Programs in PGD

S/N Programs Fees
1 PGD Economics NGN1,200,000.00
2 PGD Business Management NGN1,200,000.00
3 PGD Accounting NGN1,200,000.00
4 PGD Chemistry NGN1,200,000.00
5 PGD Computer Science NGN1,200,000.00
6 PGD International Relations and Diplomacy NGN1,200,000.00
7 PGD Law NGN1,300,000.00
8 PGD Mass Communication NGN 1,200,000.00
9 PGD Public Administration NGN1,200,000.00
10 PGD Sociology and Anthropology NGN1,200,000.00
11 PGD Mechanical Engineering NGN1,200,000.00
12 PGD Electrical and Electronics Engineering NGN1,200,000.00
13 PGD Civil Engineering NGN1,200,000.00
14 PGD Computer Engineering NGN1,200,000.00
15 PGD Petroleum and Gas Engineering NGN1,200,000.00
16 PGD Civil Engineering NGN1,200,000.00
17 PGD Psychology NGN1,200,000.00

Baze University School Fees for Postgraduate Programs in Ph.D

S/N Programs Fees
1 Ph.D. Accounting NGN 4,500,000
2 Ph.D. International Relations and Diplomacy NGN 4,500,000
3 Ph.D. Biology NGN 4,500,000
4 Ph.D. Business Management NGN 4,500,000
5 Ph.D. Chemistry NGN 4,500,000
6 Ph.D. Computer Science NGN 4,500,000
7 Ph.D. Economics NGN 4,500,000
8 Ph.D. Law NGN 4,500,000
9 Ph.D. Mass Communication NGN 4,500,000
10 Ph.D. Public Administration NGN 4,500,000
11 Ph.D. Sociology and Anthropology NGN 4,500,000
12 Ph.D. Petroleum and Gas Engineering NGN 4,500,000
13 Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering NGN 4,500,000
14 Ph.D. Computer Engineering NGN 4,500,000
15 Ph.D. Electrical and Electronics Engineering NGN 4,500,000

Baze University Accommodation Fees

S/N Accommodation Type Fees per Semester
1 Hostel Fee(Girls) NGN 472,172.26
2 Hostel Fee(Boys) NGN 393,476.88
3 Hostel Fee (Single Room) NGN 786,953.75
4 Hostel MBBS (Boys) NGN 590,215.30
5 Hostel MBBS – GIRLS NGN 708,258.38
6 Laundry (Optional) NGN 60,000.00

NGN 90,000.00 for MBBS Students (200L and above)

Other Payment Instruction

Tuition Fee Payment Plan

Kindly be notified that the payment plans introduced by the university (One Installment, Two Installments, Six Installments) are still very much available for use.

Improved Payment System

Remember that the university’s improved payment system is available at baze university payment. Financial transactions are advised to be done using this platform in order to reduce registration wait time, queues at the Finance Office and ensure transparency in financial transactions.

Tuition and Admission

A university admission does not guarantee that you are a student at Baze University unless the tuition is paid. As a result, paying tuition for new or transfer students is a requirement for admission to the university. The tuition covers only the cost of the courses taken during the semester.

Tuition Revision

The university’s Senate has the authority to change the tuition price. The country’s economic status or the implementation of new methods that will result in a more effective learning environment may cause this tuition change. Any changes to the tuition fee will be communicated to all students and their parents or guardians.

Baze University Scholarship Scheme

The university currently has no scholarship opportunities for students.

We hope that this article provides an answer to all your inquiries. However, these are all we can learn about Baze University school fees. If you have other questions you need an answer to about Baze University, kindly drop them in the comment section; we try our best to provide you with a reply.


How much is Baze University school fees?

The university school fees range from NGN1,600,000 to NGN3,000,000 depending on the course of study.

How much is the accommodation fees at Baze University?

The cheapest hostel at Baze University is NGN 393,476 per semester, while the most expensive hostel is NGN 786,953.

How much is the school fee for law in Baze?

The school fees for law at Baze University is NGN 1,663,750.

What is the instalment plan for Baze University?

Baze university school fees is payable on at most six instalments before the commencement of examination.


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