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How Much is Babcock University School Fees for the 2023/2024 Academic Session?

The Babcock University school fees vary depending on the program (undergraduate and postgraduate programs), course of study, and level.

The university is one of Nigeria’s most cost-effective private universities, which does not unnecessarily increase school fees.

With the exorbitant school fee, students can pay the school fees in two instalments. You must be wondering how?

The university management has considered every student and approved Babcock University school fees in every academic session’s first and second semesters. Sounds interesting right?



The University also offers scholarships which are tagged the financial aid. You can enjoy this, though; not all students are eligible for this scheme. To check if you qualify, Click here to read.

Babcock University School Fees

Based on the management’s approval of the payable fee, the potential candidate and those granted admission into the University can find below the Babcock University School fees.

From the preceding, the 2023/2024 academic session is yet to commence, and the management of the University is yet to sit for the 2023/2024 school fee.

Below are the approved fees for the 2022/2023 academic session, which are almost the same as the 2021/2022 academic session and should serve as a template as there may be little or no changes in the 2023/2024 school fee.

Babcock University School Fees for Undergraduates 2023/2024

Remember that the payable amount varies depending on the program, course of study, and level. The university management has approved the same payable amount for 100-level and 200-level students offering the same course and the 300 – 500 students studying the same course.

Babcock University School Fees
Undergraduate School Fees

Below are some approved payable fees for 2022/2023 for levels in undergraduate that may be used in the 2023/2024 academic session.

100 – 200 Levels and 300-500 Levels Tuition fees

Programs 100-200 Level Tuition Fees Instructions

Full Year 1st Semester

300-500 Level Tuition Fees Instructions

Full Year 1st Semester

Accounting 739,449 406,697 568,807 310,865
Agriculture 654,129 359,771 503,176 274,996
Anatomy 711,009 391,055 546,930 298,909
Banking & Finance 711,009 391,055 546,930 298,909
Biochemistry 711,009 391,055 546,930 298,909
Business Administration 711,009 391,055 546,930 298,909
Computer Information System 739,449 406,697 568,807 310,865
Computer Science 739,449 406,697 568,807 310,865
Computer Technology 739,449 406,697 568,807 310,865
Economics 711,009 391,055 546,930 298,909
English Studies/French/ Music 682,569 375,413 525,053 286,952
Education Programmes 375,413 206,477 288,779 157,824
History and International Relations 654,129 359,771 503,176 274,996
Information Resource Management 682,569 375,413 525,053 286,952
Information Technology 739,449 406,697 568,807 310,865
International Law & Diplomacy 682,569 375,413 525,053 286,952
Medical Laboratory Science 739,449 406,697 568,807 310,865
Marketing 711,009 391,055 546,930 298,909
Maths/Phy/ Biology/Chem 654,129 359,771 503,176 274,996
Mass Communication 711,009 391,055 546,930 298,909
Microbiology 711,009 391,055 546,930 298,909
Nursing Science 739,449 406,697 568,807 310,865
Nutrition & Diet 654,129 3359,771 503,176 274,996
Physiology 711,009 391,055 546,930 298,909
Political Science 682,569 375,413 525,053 286,952
Social Work 682,569 375,413 525,053 286,952
Public Health 682,569 375,413 525,053 286,952
Public Administration 682,569 375,413 525,053 286,952
Software Engineering 739,449 406,697 568,807 310,865
Theology 625,688 344,128 481,298 263,040

Other Payment Option

Payment option 100-200 Fees Instructions

Full Year 1st Semester

300-500 Fees Instructions

Full Year 1st Semester

Clinical Fee 158,700 158,700 158,700 158,700
Laboratory Fee 39,000 39,000 39,000 39,000
IT certification Fee 41,400 41,400 41,400 41,400
Graduation, Alumni fee 47,880 47,880
E-payment Course 15,000 15,000
Fraud Audit Course 35,000 35,000
Teaching Practice Fee 35,000 35,000
Miscellaneous (other charges) 211,840 193,810 211,840 193,810

Babcock University School Accommodation Fees

The University’s accommodation (hostel) has three categories: Classic, Premium, and Regular. The payable fee for these hostels is the same for every student regardless of their level; the price varies depending on the hostel chosen by every student.

Babcock University School Fees

Below are the payable accommodation fees per student.

Hostel categories All Level Hostel Fee Instructions

Full Year 1st Semester

Classic 276,120 138,060
Premium 184,080 92,040
Regular 128,856 64,428

Babcock University School Feeding Options

The students at Babcock University have the right to choose their meal options daily. Students should choose between 2 or 3 meal options. The feeding option is only for undergraduate students. Does the school run a feeding option for the postgraduate student? Your answer is right here.

Babcock University School Fees

Below is the payable fee for the University’s feeding option:

Feeding Option All Level Feeding Fee Instructions

Full Year 1st Semester

Two meals option 315,000 157,500
Three meals option 472,500 236,250

Babcock University School Fees for Postgraduate Students

The master’s program at Babcock University runs for a minimum of 18 months, and students are expected to finish their programs in the space of those 18 months. Babcock University management scheduled the school fees to be paid each Semester like the undergraduate school fee payment.

Unlike the undergraduate programs, there is no allocation or payment of feeding options and accommodation for postgraduate students.

Below are the payable school fee for postgraduate students at Babcock University:

Program Degree in view Per Semester
Biochemistry PGD

MSc, PhD



Physiology MSc 325,000
History MDS




Education PGD, M.Ed 300,000
Language and Literary Studies English Literature

M.A, MPhil, PhD

English Language



Religious Studies Pastoral Ministry


Law LLM, PhD 375,000
Accounting PGD

MSc, MPhil, PhD



Business Administration and Marketing PGD

MSc, MPhil, PhD



Marketing MSc, PhD 375,000
Finance PGD

MSc, PhD



Information Resource and Management PGD

MSc, PhD



Nursing Science MSc, PhD 375,000
Public Health PGD




Agricultural Science Agricultural Economics

MSc, PhD


MSc, PhD

Animal Science

MSc, PhD

Microbiology PGD

MSc, PhD



Economics PGD

MSc, PhD



Mass Communication PGD

MSc, PhD



Political Science PGD

MSc, PhD



Public Administration MPM 300,000

Babcock University School Fees for Conversion Program

Babcock University has a conversion program for some selected courses, such as ACA conversion, Nursing conversion, and Education conversion. These conversion programs’ school fees are payable in both the first and second semesters for all levels.

Program All Levels Semesters

1st Semester

ACA Conversion 500,000 300,000 200,000
Nursing Conversion 600,000 425,000 175,000
Education 255,000 167,000 88,000

Babcock University School Fees for International Students

The school for International students at Babcock University is the same as for native students. To ascertain International students’ payable fees, click to read more and e-mail the bursary department for further inquiry.

Babcock University Scholarship

For eligible students, Babcock University looks for financial aid alternatives. These come in the form of full and partial scholarships. Click here to read and see if you are eligible.


This scholarship is given based on the proven need for an Application letter with the completed Adopt-A-Student Form, A minimum CGPA of 3.0, Proof of financial capability for the amount due beyond the scholarship fund, and Work-Study Documentation (Present Work-Study).


This financial aid is available to students who have already enrolled at Babcock but have lost one or both of their parents or primary sponsors. To qualify for financial aid, candidates must have the following requirements:

Name of Student:

The Course of Study:

Year of Study:

Name of Sponsor:

Relationship of Sponsor to the Student:

Employment details of the sponsor (such as place of employment, Position, full address of employer, etc.)

Residential address of the sponsor

Home town address of sponsor

Signature of student and date

Bursary clearance for last Semester

Bill for the academic session

Copy of student ID card

The student must already be a student at Babcock at the time of the death of the parent or sponsor.

The beneficiary must have paid Consultative Forum Fees throughout the years.

Beneficiaries must have paid Consultative Forum Endowment Funds up to the time of the sponsor’s death.

There must be a death certificate of the sponsor from a qualified medical doctor.

The Parents’ Consultative Forum must be informed when the death occurred.

During a Parents’ Consultative Forum (PCF) meeting, the scholarship is approved and remitted directly to Babcock University.


Spring Development Foundation independently sponsors this scholarship with the following conditions:

The beneficiary must be an Adventist

Application letter, which is addressed directly to SDF

Evidence of need

Recommendation from the local church pastor

The award is once every new school year.


This scholarship is for those in need, and the university scholarship board has the power to make selections as deemed fit with the following requirement:

An application letter

Evidence of ability to pay balance beyond the scholarship fund

Proof of documentation of work-study


This scholarship is provided only for Ilishan Indigenes if they have the following requirements:

The applicant’s ancestry must have originated in Ilishan-Remo, Ogun State.

The candidate must be a legitimate Babcock University student who has attended the school for at least one academic year.

Students on academic probation or with open disciplinary proceedings are ineligible.

Students with citizenship grades below a “C” are not eligible to apply.

Once these candidates pass this, below is the selection procedure:

Local advertisements are prominently placed in May or June of each academic year in key areas on the university campus and the town of Ilishan.

All qualified candidates must obtain and complete the required forms available at Babcock University. Application forms must be completed and sent back to Babcock University.

The Ilishan Education Committee, a division of the Ilishan Development Committee, will receive all completed application forms that Babcock University receives to verify and authenticate the accuracy of the genealogy.

The forms will be reviewed by Babcock University following advice from the Ilishan Development Committee (IDC), and the results will then be sent to IDC before being made public.

Any scholarship recipient who falls short on both an academic and moral level forfeits their ability to continue receiving the award and is ineligible to reapply until the proper University authority has cleared them. When this occurs, the student will compete like any other person making their first application.

We hope that we are able to provide an answer to all your inquiries. However, these are all we can find out about Babcock University’s school fees. If you have other questions you need an answer to about Babcock University, kindly drop them in the comment section; we try our best to provide you with an answer.


How much is the application fee for Babcock University?

The Babcock’s application fee costs 2,000, which can be paid into Wema, Diamond, GTB, First Bank, and UBA accounts.

How much is Babcock University Post UTME?

Babcock University post-UTME costs 2,500 naira, which is non-refundable with the service charge of 350 naira.

Does Babcock feed their students?

Yes, Babcock feeds her students based on the meal option chosen by the student.

How much is Babcock’s acceptance fee?

Babcock’s acceptance fee is one hundred and fifty thousand for all programs, excluding law, medicine, and surgery.

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