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8 Great Non-Profit Foundation Grants For Non-profits

  1. If your non-profit foundation is stranded and in need of financial assistance, here’s some good news for you. Non-profit foundation grants!

Non-profits like yours exist for the benefit of the human race. Your commitment and determination have touched numerous lives, and you are worth celebrating!

However, in the course of your humanitarian gesture, you may have found help hard to come by.

You may have discovered, as several other nonprofits have, that getting funding to your projects is a challenging proposition.

On the one hand, the realization might have hit you hard, forcing you to re-examine your priorities. But on the other hand, you may have discovered that there are grants that could still help you achieve your set goals.

Against the backdrop of this knowledge, you may have been trying to get access to these non-profit foundation grants, albeit without much success.

If this is you, then congratulations are in order!

In this comprehensive guide, we will answer every question that you may have on the grant process.

And with so much information to cover, this guide is sure to be helpful for any non-profit foundation looking for financial support.

Why apply for a grant?

You probably know how important grants are, therefore we may not need t[o touch on that subject again.

But, in case you missed the memo, then we’d tell you this for free. Grants can be an important source of funding for non-profit organizations.

In fact, many organizations rely on grants to support their mission and programs.

Specifically, grants can provide funds for a variety of purposes, including program funding, capital projects, and operations.

In addition, non-profit foundation grants can help organizations build their capacity and increase their impact. So why should your organization apply for a grant?

There are many reasons, and here are just a few:

– Grants can provide much-needed funds for your organization

– These grants can also help you expand your programs or services

– Non-profit foundation grants can help you meet your goals and objectives

– Grants can help you build your capacity

Who Are Non-profit Foundation Grant Makers?

If you are wondering where grant monies come from, then it must be that you haven’t heard about grant makers.

Grant makers are individuals or organizations that bankroll nonprofit organizations for a specific cause.

There are many categories of grant makers, usually identified by the purpose of their intervention.

One of such categories is Foundation grantmakers. Foundation grantmakers are individuals or organizations that give money to nonprofit organizations for a specific purpose.

These grant makers can be private individuals, families, or corporations, or public entities like states or the federal government. Foundation grant makers can be broken down into two categories: operating and private.

Operating grant makers are those that give money to nonprofit organizations to carry out their mission.

Private grant makers are those that give money to specific causes or projects within a nonprofit organization.

The Non-profit Foundation Grant Application Process

Applying for a grant can seem daunting, but with the right resources it can be a breeze. The best place to start is by obtaining a copy of the foundation’s guidelines and read through them carefully.

This will give you an idea of what the foundation is looking for in a grant application. Next, put together a comprehensive proposal that outlines your organization’s goals and how the grant would help you achieve them.

Also, be sure to include detailed financial information and budget proposals.

Finally, send your proposal to the foundation and follow up with them regularly to ensure that they are consider your application is being considered.

How to secure funding for your project

When it comes to securing funding for your project, it’s important to remember that not all grants are created equal. There are a few key things you’ll want to keep in mind as you begin the grant application process.

The first is that not all grants are available to everyone. There are specific criteria that foundations often require from applicants, so make sure you meet all the requirements before you apply.

Second, prepare to make a strong case for your project. Grants are often competitive, so you’ll need to sell your idea to the review panel and make a strong case for why your project deserves funding.

Finally, be patient and stay organized. The grant application process can often be lengthy, so prepare to put in the time and effort required.

And make sure you keep track of all relevant deadlines and correspondence, so you don’t miss any important steps along the way.

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Non-profit foundation grants for special causes

There are a number of different grants available for special causes. Some grant programs are designed to support specific groups or demographics, such as women or veterans.

Others focus on specific areas of need, like public health or the environment. There are also grants available for specific types of projects, like arts and culture or education.

And finally, some grants are awarded to support general operating costs or specific initiatives of non-profit organizations. No matter what your non-profit foundation is working on, there’s likely a grant available to help support your efforts.

Some non-profit foundation grants

The Kirkpatrick Family Fund

The Kirkpatrick Family fund supports nonprofits who contribute to AMerica’s cultural landscape, health and the well-being of American communities. The fund also supports specific projects, as well as general operations and endowment.

Howard L. Greenhouse Large Grant Program

For the 2022-2023 Howard L. Greenhouse Large Grant Program, the Potomac Health Foundation will be making one year only grants.

Potomac Health Foundation seeks project ideas that based on, but are not limited to access to health, behavioral health, capacity building and Covid-19 response.

The Ford Foundation Non-profit foundation grants

Henry Ford left a legacy, and it is the legacy of helping organizations that develop fresh ideas. Because of this, Ford foundation grants are for the purpose of strengthening organizations that reduce poverty and injustice. They also commit to the promotion of democratic values, international cooperation and human achievement.

Ben and Jerry’s Foundation

Ben and Jerry believe that Americans need more than just Ice cream, hence the need for their foundation. The Ben & Jerry Foundation commits to justice and social change by giving grants to grassroots organizations. Additionally, they give grants to Vermont initiatives.

The Goldseker Foundation Non-profit foundation grants

The Goldeseker Foundation encourages applicants to demonstrate how they intend to sustain the activities that they propose. This is because the Foundation is not normally a long-term source of funds.

Such applicants must also demonstrate good administrative capacity and financial stability, while also describing evaluation criteria and methods in their requests.

Kresge Foundation

The Kresge Foundation focuses on low-income individuals and seeks to change their lives by providing them with assistance of various dimensions. This will include community development, education, environment, arts/culture, and healthy human services.

The Sociological Initiatives Foundation

The Sociological Initiatives Foundation supports social change by creating a link between research and social action. The foundation could provide funds for the purpose of projects that investigate certain fields. Such projects must investigate policies, regulations, laws, institutions, and other practices that pose a threat of equality in the United States and its territories.

The Bush Foundation

The Bush Foundation started in1953 as a brainchild of Archibald and Edyth Bush. Since its inception, the foundation has focused mainly on states like North Dakota, South Dakota, and the 23 Native American nations located within the Dakotas. Their focus is on projects that bring about creative leadership ideas, education, with extra focus on Native American communities.

Also, you can check for opportunities here

While this is by no means the full list of non-profit foundation grants available to non-profits in the US, it is a start.

All you need to do, is to be constant in your quest, and your organization will get some grants.

And more importantly, remember that non-profit foundation grants are a valuable resource to your foundation. As it can provide the funds you need to make a difference in your community.

Now that you have an understanding of the grant application process and how to secure funding for your project, it is time for you to take action!

And why not?

There’s no harm in trying, eh?

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