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International Paper Foundation Grant: 4 Need Areas

If yours is an organization in need of financial assistance to help with a project or cause, think of the International Paper Foundation Grant from the International Paper Foundation.

In this article, we’ll provide an overview of the grants offered by the International Paper Foundation. As well as information on how to apply and the deadlines for each grant.

We’ll also highlight some of the projects that have been funded by the IP Foundation in the past.

The International Paper Foundation is a private foundation that provides financial assistance to nonprofit organizations in the United States.

The Foundation offers both program- and project-based grants, which can be used for a variety of purposes.

Such purposes could be in the arts and culture, education, environment, human services, and public affairs.

So, are you interested in applying for a grant from the International Paper Foundation?

Read on for information on how to apply, deadlines, and more.

About International Paper

In case you are hoping to get a grant from the International Paper Foundation, then it’s only fair that you know all about the organization first.

So, who is international paper?

International Paper is a paper and packaging company, producing and selling products in North America, Europe, Latin America, Russia, Asia, and Africa.

The company has been around for over 100 years and employs over 65,000 people around the world.

In addition to making paper products such as cardboard boxes and tissues, International Paper also manufactures products made from recycled paper.

Some of these recycled products include insulation, roofing materials, and even car parts!

Nevertheless, International Paper continues to drive its vision of being a positive force in US communities.

In the same way, they mobilize the American people by utilizing vital products and resources to address critical needs.

Why do they do this?

They do this to the benefit of communities where their employees live and work. Indeed, they premise these efforts on the belief that their company cannot succeed if their communities does not succeed first.

International Paper has long been a supporter of the environment and giving back to the communities in which it operates.

One way it does this is through its International Paper Foundation (IPF), which provides grants to nonprofit organizations around the world.

The International Paper Foundation is therefore one of the ways through which they strive to achieve their company vision. The vision, is to be one of the most successful, sustainable and responsible companies in the world.

And since its inception in 1952, the Foundation has provided millions in grants to nonprofit organizations in the 501(c)(3) category.

What Is An International Paper Foundation Grant?

An international paper foundation grant is a financial gift awarded by the International Paper Foundation to individuals or organizations in need.

The purpose of the grant is to provide financial assistance for education, environment, disaster relief, and community improvement initiatives.

However, the grant is available only at select times of the year. The International Paper Foundation awards these grant only twice a year, that is, in the spring and the fall.

In essence, they provide these grants to nonprofit charitable organizations classified under Section 501(c)(3) of the United States Internal Revenue Service Code.

To qualify for the grant, such organizations must be designated as public charities under the Internal Revenue Code section 509(a)(1), (2) or (3).

Additionally, it is important to add that the International Paper Foundation does not support private foundations.

However, certain municipal, county, state and federal entities (such as a school district or fire department), are eligible if you attach a fiscal conduit letter from an affiliated tax-exempt organization (such as a school district or municipality) to their online application.

Such letters must state that the affiliated tax-exempt organization will use Foundation funds on the approved project as the Foundation directs.

In conclusion, you must remember to include sample letters in the application.

And finally, remember that the International Paper Foundation provides the majority of their grants to communities where they currently operate.

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How Do International Paper Foundation Grants work?

So, how does the International Paper Foundation Grant work?

The International Paper Foundation distributes its grants in the form of financial assistance each year.

And more specifically, such grants may be program-specific or general grants. Also, such grants vary in terms of the amount of money awarded. And also in terms of the purpose for which the funds may be used.

To be eligible for a grant from the international paper foundation, you must meet certain criteria. This relates to the type of grant you are applying for and the purpose for which the funds are intended.

In its application information document, International Paper Foundation details that its grants are targeting the following needs.

Needs Targeted by International Paper Foundation Grants

  • Education: The International Paper Foundation believes that the future of communities depends on the children.

Consequently, they support strategic partners in the focus on helping children succeed via a comprehensive approach to education.

Their primary focus is literacy, particularly from birth through 3rd grade, since reading skills form the basis of childhood learning.

  • Hunger: The International Paper Foundation partners with local, regional, and national food banks to improve food security.

They also liaise with other agencies to improve food security for children, families, and seniors in communities. These organizations help provide meals, as well as access to healthy foods and other programs.

  • Health & Wellness: The International Paper Foundation engages its employees and

partner with local agencies to promote healthy living habits and achieve measurable improvements in health and wellness.

  • Disaster Relief: The International Paper Foundation partners with national and local agencies to help communities prepare for and recover from natural disasters.

International Paper’s entire business depends upon the sustainability of forests.

They will continue to lead the world in responsible forest stewardship to ensure healthy and productive forest ecosystems for generations to come.

Support is also available for other critical needs in the communities where their employees live and work.

This support is for organizations where their full-time employees actively volunteer. It is also meant for organizations working on forest, water, and air issues.


The international paper foundation grant has two deadlines every year.

The first deadline is in March and the second deadline is in September. Keep in mind that these deadlines are for the grant cycle that begins the following year.

For example, the September deadline is for the grant cycle that starts in January of the following year.

International Paper Foundation Grant Application

The international paper foundation grant is a program that provides financial assistance to nonprofit organizations.

Also, the program is open to a variety of applicants, including educational institutions, cultural organizations, and social service agencies.

In order to be eligible for the grant, prospective beneficiaries must meet certain criteria, as you have seen in this article.

If you meet these criteria, then we can tell you that the application guidelines are straightforward and easy to follow. This makes it easy for interested parties to apply, and this should be good news to you

The deadline for the next round of applications is coming up soon, so don’t wait any longer!

Are you ready to start your application process, then click here

If you need the grant assistance and meet the eligibility requirements, then please start your application.

Applying for an international paper foundation grant is a great way to get the help you need. However, keep in mind that all applications must be complete and submitted by the deadline. So, you need to start gathering the required information and filling out the application well ahead of time.

We hope that this article has been helpful.

We also hope that you now know more about the international paper foundation grants process!

In that case, the next thing should be to start your application. And we hope that works out well for you.

So, what are you waiting for?

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