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Effortless Grant Management with Free Grant Tracking Software in 2024

Are you ready to discover the power of free grant tracking software to manage and track your grants effortlessly? Simplify your funding journey with a user-friendly solution that ensures efficiency and transparency in grant management. Get started today!

 Free Grant Tracking Software
Free Grant Tracking Software

Organizations rely on grants to support their operations and achieve their objectives. The grant process involves various pre-and post-award activities, encompassing tasks such as seeking grant opportunities, completing applications, and overseeing the process until approval or rejection.

Post-award responsibilities include managing the procurement of research equipment, monitoring and validating the research progress, and handling accounting and reporting obligations to the grantors. Grant managers play a pivotal role in writing grant proposals, assembling project teams, and ensuring the ethical alignment of funded groups, safeguarding against support for illicit activities.

Given the demanding nature of compliance, accountability, and reporting associated with grants, entities receiving funding must provide detailed reports to the grantors. Recognizing the time-intensive nature of these tasks, Grant Management Software proves invaluable in streamlining and enhancing the efficiency of these operations.

Grant Management Software is a valuable tool for organizations, including non-profits and universities, by facilitating and automating the grant process. This software encompasses a range of features and functions, such as grant discovery, budget planning, peer collaboration, regulatory compliance, proposal submission, administrative reporting, and project tracking.

The versatility of Grant Management Software is evident in its availability as either self-hosted programs installed directly on the organization’s servers or as web-based cloud applications hosted on the provider’s servers. This software plays a pivotal role in alleviating administrative burdens associated with grants for various stakeholders, including grant managers, principal investigators, researchers, and other individuals involved in the grant-seeking process.

What are Grant Management Software?

Grant Management Software is an application that enhances efficiency and automation in various grant-related tasks. These tasks include discovering grant opportunities, tracking workflows, and facilitating team collaboration.

This software streamlines grant practices, promoting transparency throughout the grant process. Ensuring compliance with the grantor’s requirements is crucial, particularly in monitoring and confirming that granted funds are utilized as specified. Most grant software options are accessible through hosted services, commonly known as Software as a Service (SAAS) or cloud-based services, ensuring a high level of security for the application.

Top Free Grant Management Software:

1. OpenProject

OpenProject is an open-source project management platform to facilitate seamless collaboration and productivity for project managers and teams. It empowers users to create schedules and environments conducive to team creativity while optimizing resources. OpenProject prioritizes transparency by allowing the sharing of plans and product roadmaps with clients, shareholders, and team members.

One notable feature of OpenProject is its multi-project scheduling capability, enabling users to generate a comprehensive timeline report that consolidates the progress of all ongoing projects. This centralized view provides a convenient way to monitor and manage multiple projects simultaneously, enhancing overall project management efficiency.

2. ProjectLibre

ProjectLibre is an open-source project management solution offering free desktop and cloud solutions, emphasizing flexibility across various platforms, including Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. It is particularly beneficial for small to mid-sized businesses with single project requirements.

One of ProjectLibre’s strengths lies in its ability to help users track team tasks effectively. The software also facilitates schedule monitoring and report generation, improving project visibility and management. Specifically designed for single projects, ProjectLibre incorporates traditional project management tools such as calendars and interactive Gantt charts. These features efficiently handle scheduling and project hierarchy aspects, making it suitable for businesses with straightforward project management needs.

3. Fluxx

Fluxx is a technology company that is pivotal in enhancing the philanthropic ecosystem. Fluxx has developed grant management software to create a transparent, accessible, and interconnected environment for funders and impact investors. As a bridge for collaboration between nonprofits and funders, Fluxx’s grant seekers platform simplifies the application process, tracking, posting, and sharing of impact stories, all from a centralized location.

The software offers a unified dashboard that provides essential information on grants, timelines, and insights, fostering a more streamlined grant management experience. Users benefit from the ability to set personalized to-do lists and save time through auto-recommended responses to recurring questions. Fluxx Grantseekers promotes continuous knowledge sharing with funders, contributing to a more informed and collaborative philanthropic ecosystem.

4. PeopleSoft Enterprise Grants Management

PeopleSoft is a component within Oracle’s PeopleSoft enterprise service automation, offering a web-based software solution that oversees the entire life cycle of research administration. This comprehensive process includes functionalities such as proposal generation, transitioning proposals into awards, award tracking, facilities and administration processing, handling comprehensive bill generation, and flexible financial reporting.

As part of the broader PeopleSoft enterprise services automation applications, PeopleSoft provides users with a unified and accurate view of all project-related activities. This holistic perspective enables effective decision-making, allowing users to choose and prioritize projects, assign resources strategically, streamline execution proactively, and track profits efficiently. In essence, PeopleSoft contributes to a more streamlined and organized approach to managing research administration and related projects within an enterprise.

5. Wizehive

WizeHive is a versatile grant management and membership management software tailored to non-profit organizations. The grant management system offered by WizeHive effectively organizes grant applications through automated workflow rules, providing a seamless and organized approach.

One notable feature is the flexibility in collecting grant applications through an organization’s website, a Facebook page, or a hosted software portal. WizeHive’s key functionalities encompass online submission, interview scheduling, collaborative interview processes, data validation, configurable ranking, and grants management. Additionally, the software includes automated scheduling and feedback collection, enhancing the overall efficiency and collaborative aspects of managing grants within non-profit organizations.

6. GrantHub

GrantHub is a user-friendly and cost-effective grant management solution designed primarily for non-profits and grant consultants seeking a streamlined process. Trusted by over 350 grant seekers, GrantHub efficiently tracks grants, managing tasks, applications, reports, and essential grant documents online.

This solution eliminates the need for spreadsheets, calendars, files, and manual tracking systems. GrantHub introduces special features to save time and allow organizations to focus on their missions. These features include the ability to manage funders and grant opportunities, track tasks and grant deadlines, streamline the creation of new proposals, and maintain a central repository for all pertinent information. GrantHub provides a comprehensive and organized approach to grant management, empowering users to navigate the process easily and efficiently.

7. Award Force for Grants Starter

Award Force stands out as a cloud-based software specifically crafted for grantmaking organizations, offering a comprehensive solution for managing the entire online grants lifecycle. With a focus on performance and functionality, Award Force provides a fast, secure, and user-friendly experience for applicants, evaluators, and managers alike.

One of its key strengths is its capacity to make the grant application and evaluation process enjoyable while offering customers direct control over system configuration changes. Award Force facilitates seamless management, including support, allocation of funds from multiple budgets, real-time availability of the full database for all users, and easy-to-use reporting tools with the ability to export filtered data sets.

The software provides a range of features such as process tracking ensuring efficient and transparent grant management. Overall, Award Force emerges as a robust and user-centric solution for grantmaking organizations looking to streamline their application, evaluation, and award processes online.

Top Grant Management Software:

1. Workday Grants Management

Workday Grants Management is seamlessly integrated with the complete suite of Workday applications, offering a centralized hub to automate the entire post-award process. This single-system solution is designed to effortlessly manage even the most intricate grant requirements.

With Workday Grants Management, users benefit from a comprehensive system that provides deep insights and control, simplifying the management of grant activities while ensuring compliance. The platform empowers decision-makers with real-time financial and business insights, accessible on the go through its financial management tool.

Workday achieves this by consolidating transactions, accounting, and analytics and maintaining an “always on” audit trail, all within a unified system. This approach enables organizations to streamline grant management processes, enhance decision-making capabilities, and easily maintain compliance.

2. GrantVantage

GrantVantage is a cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) solution designed to streamline the management of federal, state, and foundation grants, along with sub-recipients and contracts. This platform seamlessly interfaces with a variety of accounting systems. Its primary features include:

1. Grant Management: GrantVantage provides a comprehensive view of the grant at every level, ensuring complete visibility in one centralized location.

2. Objective Management: Effortlessly create, update, and report on grant and project objectives, facilitating efficient tracking and reporting.

3. Contracts: Manage contract objectives, activities, budgets, performance measures, and payments in a user-friendly manner.

4. Sub-Recipients: Easily oversee sub-recipient activities and generate instantaneous progress reports for streamlined collaboration.

5. Budgeting: GrantVantage offers advanced budgeting capabilities, providing organizations with the tools for effective grant management.

6. Inventory Tracking: Efficiently manage inventory and keep track of assets, ensuring accurate and up-to-date records for enhanced operational control.

By leveraging GrantVantage, organizations gain a robust solution that enhances their ability to manage various aspects of grants, contracts, and sub-recipients efficiently, all within an accessible and user-friendly cloud-based environment.

3. MicroEdge GIFTS

Micro Edge GIFTS stands as an online grant management system designed to empower grant-making organizations of various sizes and complexities to optimize their giving processes more efficiently. This system minimizes risks and facilitates seamless collaboration, ultimately amplifying the impact of your philanthropic efforts. Micro Edge GIFTS is tailored to accommodate your unique workflows, enabling you to work in alignment with your grant-making language and specific processes.

The key features of Micro Edge GIFTS include:

1. Grant Management: Streamline your grant management processes to enhance efficiency and effectiveness in allocating funds.

2. Customized Grants Coding: Tailor your grants coding to match your organization’s specific criteria and requirements.

3. Payment Tracking: Easily track and manage payments associated with your grant activities for improved financial oversight.

4. Financial Management: Benefit from robust financial management tools integrated into Micro Edge GIFTS for comprehensive control.

5. Contact Management: Efficiently manage and organize your contacts, ensuring seamless communication and collaboration.

6. Reporting: Generate customized reports to gain valuable insights and measure the impact of your giving initiatives.

Micro Edge GIFTS provides a flexible and intuitive platform that empowers grant-making organizations to navigate their unique processes, fostering a more impactful and efficient approach to philanthropy.

4. eAwards

eAwards is a grant management software specifically designed to streamline research funding administration processes for entities engaged in research and development, such as universities, funding organizations, and research centers. Its purpose is to provide users with a tool to efficiently control, simplify, and expedite various research administration tasks. eAwards goes beyond basic functionalities by offering advanced features like data analysis and scenario simulations to facilitate strategic planning.

Key features of eAwards include:

1. Program and Competition Management: Efficiently manage research programs and competitions within a centralized platform.

2. Application and Project Electronic Validation and Submission: Simplify and expedite the application and project submission process through electronic validation.

3. Electronic Collaboration: Foster collaboration with co-applicants, supervisors, heads of departments, referees, and reviewers through electronic means.

4. Multi-Team Project Management: Effectively manage projects involving multiple teams, ensuring seamless coordination.

5. Application and Project Approval: Facilitate the approval process by universities and research centers for both applications and ongoing projects.

6. Eligibility, Peer Review, and Conflict of Interest Management: Ensure compliance by managing eligibility criteria, conducting peer reviews, and addressing conflicts of interest.

eAwards provides a comprehensive solution tailored to the specific needs of research and development bodies, offering a user-friendly platform for enhanced control and efficiency in research funding administration.

5. Academicworks

AcademicWorks is a comprehensive scholarship management system meticulously crafted to enhance scholarship administration processes for colleges, universities, and foundations. This cloud-based software integrates market experience, product innovation, and exceptional customer service to deliver unparalleled user benefits. By consolidating a wealth of experience and innovative features, AcademicWorks offers a singular scholarship website for institutions, simplifying the task of administrators in promoting available scholarships campus-wide to the entire student population. Through its unique combination of features, AcademicWorks aims to elevate the efficiency and effectiveness of scholarship management within educational institutions and foundations.

6. eCivis

eCivics is an advanced grant management system designed to optimize funding utilization and efficiently oversee grants and sub-recipients. Tailored for state, local, and tribal government entities, eCivics revolutionizes the grant process, offering expert support and a user-friendly interface. This system introduces a welcoming Windows format and department-specific access points, enhancing accessibility for various teams.

Key features of eCivics include:

1. Project Planning: Streamline project planning processes to effectively implement grant-funded initiatives.

2. Grant Research: Facilitate in-depth grant research to identify suitable funding opportunities.

3. Risk Management: Mitigate risks associated with grant management through proactive risk management tools.

4. Communication with Applicants & Sub-Recipients: Foster seamless communication between administrators and grant applicants/sub-recipients.

5. Dashboard and Reports: Access comprehensive dashboards and reports for real-time insights into grant activities.

6. Training Management: Effectively manage training programs related to grant processes.

7. Goals Tracking: Monitor and track progress towards grant-related goals.

8. Collaboration Tools: Enhance team collaboration through integrated tools.

9. Grant Award Tracking: Track grant awards and associated details precisely.

10. Performance Reports: Generate detailed reports on the performance of grants and funded projects.

eCivics serves as a comprehensive solution, offering a range of features to facilitate efficient and effective grant management, making it an ideal choice for government entities seeking to maximize the impact of their funding initiatives.

7. Foundant GLM

Foundant GLM stands out as an integrated software solution catering to grant and scholarship management, specifically designed for community foundations with a philanthropic focus. This platform offers a comprehensive set of features tailored for grantmakers, seekers, and scholarship providers, providing a cloud-based solution.

Key features of Foundant GLM include:

1. Ad Hoc Reporting: Generate custom reports to meet specific needs and requirements.

2. Automated Reminders: Streamline communication and task management through automated reminders.

3. Online Grant Reports: Facilitate submitting and tracking grant reports through an online platform.

4. Outcome and Impact Tracking: Monitor and assess the outcomes and impact of funded projects efficiently.

5. Multi-Stage Online Applications: Simplify the application process with multi-stage online applications.

6. Multi-Level Online Reviews: Enhance the review process with multi-level online evaluations.

Foundant GLM’s cloud-based solution benefits applicants by saving time and resources and empowers staff with the flexibility to make changes or launch new applications effortlessly. With a focus on philanthropic communities, Foundant GLM offers a user-friendly platform that streamlines the entire grant and scholarship management process.

8. FluidReview

FluidReview customizes itself to align with your specific workflow, offering a straightforward, robust, and efficient system for managing applications and reviews within your grants and funding programs. It simplifies identifying and selecting the most suitable applicants for your programs.

Integrated seamlessly with FluidSurveys, the leading online survey and form platform on the web, FluidReview brings advanced functionality to your grant management process. Leverage this integration to design online forms boasting over 35 question types, robust logic capabilities, personalization options, and more. FluidReview allows for easy incorporation of these forms at any stage of your grants management process, providing a versatile and user-friendly solution for effective application and review management.

9. Abila Grant Management

Abila Grant Management is an online system that integrates development contacts and financial data to enhance oversight of the grant pipeline. With a focus on meeting fund accounting needs comprehensively, Abila strives to provide efficient reporting and trend analysis, enabling organizations to align their efforts with overarching goals.

Abila’s fundraising and donor management component is crucial in aiding teams to acquire, engage, and retain donors across various channels. In donor retention, the system simplifies the process of maintaining donor data, managing contact information, executing targeted donor communications, and measuring the success of campaigns. Abila Grant Management offers a holistic solution that combines financial oversight with effective fundraising and donor management capabilities, supporting organizations in their pursuit of efficiency and success.

10. Blue Wren GRM

Blue Wren GRM is a specialized research administration and grant management software module meticulously crafted to track pre and post-award information within organizations. This module from Blue Wren ensures that administrators and key personnel have easy access to vital information about their grants and projects.

Blue Wren GRM adeptly manages a spectrum of funding mechanisms, accommodating everything from straightforward awards to intricate multi-year program project grants that can be customized to align with an institution’s specific needs. By doing so, it effectively eliminates redundancies, allowing users to redirect their time towards addressing other departmental needs. This streamlined approach enhances overall productivity across all areas, making Blue Wren GRM a valuable tool for efficient research administration and grant management.

11. Versaic Grants

Versaic Grants is an online grant management system specifically designed for private foundations and corporations, aiming to assist them in effectively managing the grant process and maximizing impact. By streamlining the entire grant’s lifecycle, from requests to process management and reporting, Versaic Grants addresses the complexities inherent in the grant’s management cycle, reducing the likelihood of oversights.

This platform provides an effective solution by simplifying the collection of pertinent information, facilitating the seamless routing of requests through the organization for approval and payment, and enabling comprehensive reporting on outcomes. Versaic Grants stands out by configuring each solution to precisely meet the unique requirements of its clients. This tailored approach ensures that organizations can navigate the intricacies of their grants management process efficiently and accurately, ultimately building a more impactful and streamlined system.

free Grant Tracking Software
free Grant Tracking Software

12. Award Force

Award Force is the premier choice for award management software, trusted by organizations worldwide to acknowledge excellence in their respective fields. Our software is distinguished by its commitment to quality, data security, and innovation, providing clients with a robust platform. Supported by a global team dedicated to ensuring peace of mind, clients can focus on enhancing the quality of their awards.

Designed with speed, reliability, and aesthetics in mind, Award Force is an ideal solution for those seeking to create a superior experience for entrants, judges, and program managers. The platform is purpose-built to deliver efficiency, reliability, and visual appeal, making it the go-to choice for organizations striving to make their awards the best they can be.

13. GMS360°

GMS360 is meticulously crafted to oversee the entire grants lifecycle, seamlessly managing processes from application to post-award monitoring. Its Grant Management Tool encompasses configurable portals catering to various roles such as Grants Managers, Program Officers, Reviewers, Board Members, Finance Managers, Applicants, and Grantees.

This comprehensive tool facilitates the creation of all grant-related documentation from templates, including meeting dockets, and offers optional e-signature capabilities for all documents. Furthermore, GMS360 automates post-award activities, generating payment schedules, PRI repayment schedules, reports, and outcomes. The system includes automated alerts and reminders for all processes and forms, ensuring timely execution. The robust audit trail feature captures field value changes, providing a complete record of actions taken throughout the grant lifecycle. GMS360 emerges as a powerful and efficient solution for managing every aspect of the grant process.

14. AIMS

Grant management faces evolving challenges in an increasingly complex global environment, with heightened demands for transparency and verifiable accountability from diverse stakeholders. The critical challenge lies in establishing common processes and best practices to evaluate and track the effectiveness of grant schemes. AIMS steps in as a solution, addressing many challenges associated with tracking the effectiveness of various grant programs.

AIMS Grant and Programme Management Software is designed to enhance the efficiency of awarding and monitoring grants. This comprehensive solution automates end-to-end processes, making them faster and more effective. Moreover, it enables the capture of substantial evidence of impact, facilitating robust reporting to stakeholders. In a landscape where transparency and accountability are paramount, AIMS emerges as a valuable tool for organizations navigating the complexities of grant management and seeking to demonstrate the effectiveness of their programs.

15. AwardVision

AwardVision, Serenic’s grant management software, empowers organizations to successfully compete for nonprofit grants and awards in alignment with their mission. This software is designed to assist nonprofits and NGOs in managing the intricate restrictions and rules associated with grant applications. AwardVision streamlines processes, ensuring the application procedure is as efficient as possible.

Beyond securing funding, AwardVision seamlessly integrates with Serenic Navigator, offering a consolidated repository for compliance information, program monitoring, and financial data. This integrated approach enhances the overall management of grants, providing a comprehensive solution for nonprofits and NGOs. Recognizing that securing grants is a pivotal task for the success of any nonprofit, charity, or NGO, AwardVision stands as a valuable tool in this critical endeavor.

16. Evalato

Evalato is a cutting-edge submission and evaluation platform catering to awards, grants, applications, calls for papers, scholarships, recognition, and other programs. As an innovative solution, Evalato introduces streamlined and convenient processes for all stakeholders, including organizers, applicants, and expert panels entrusted with evaluating submissions. Tailored to save time and effort, Evalato is the preferred solution for program managers aiming to work efficiently.

This comprehensive platform covers every phase of the awards or review program cycle, from the creation of the program and registration/submission processes to the evaluation process and analytics. Evalato represents a go-to solution that facilitates seamless management and enhances the overall experience for everyone involved in the intricate submission and evaluation processes.

These platforms cater to diverse needs, offering features ranging from budget planning and collaboration to regulatory compliance and project tracking. Depending on the specific requirements and scale of the organization, these grant management software options provide valuable tools for effective grant administration.

Conclusion on Free Grant Tracking Software

Leveraging free grant tracking software can be a strategic and cost-effective solution for organizations seeking to manage their grant processes efficiently. These tools provide a structured framework for tracking applications, managing funds, and ensuring compliance, contributing to enhanced transparency and accountability.

The availability of free grant tracking software empowers nonprofits, NGOs, and other entities to streamline their operations, optimize resource allocation, and focus on their core missions without the burden of significant financial investments. Whether automating workflows, simplifying reporting, or improving collaboration, free grant tracking software opens doors to a more streamlined and effective grant management process, ultimately contributing to the success of organizations and their impactful initiatives.


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