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In-Demand Careers: Best Guide to UK Visa Sponsorship Jobs

If you are looking to migrate to the United Kingdom this year for work, then UK visa sponsorship jobs are just ideal for you. But why is that?

The Migration Observatory of the University of Oxford stated in a publication released in August 2023 that at the end of June 2023, the number of extended-duration work visas granted to care and senior care professionals in the United Kingdom had reached 77,700. 

uk visa sponsorship jobs
uk visa sponsorship jobs

According to international immigration experts, this surge was a direct consequence of the decision made by the government of the United Kingdom in February 2022 to designate care work as skilled work. Caregivers were not the only job positions for which the UK government issued thousands of sponsored visas during the same period.

 Such visas were issued for a number of other skilled and unskilled job positions, and are still being issued even as you read this. So, if you are in need of UK visa sponsorship jobs, then, here is your chance. 

This article will give you everything you need to get one out of the hundreds of UK visa sponsorship jobs still available out there. So, let us dig in and get started. 

Is it hard to get sponsored in the UK?

Getting sponsored to work in the UK can be challenging, but several factors determine how difficult the process can be. Such factors could include your qualifications, the type of job you’re seeking, and the demand for your skills in the UK job marke. Overall, it can be difficult to obtain sponsorship to work in the UK based on individual circumstances and market conditions. 

In the long run, these challenges do not mean that it’s impossible to get UK visa sponsorship jobs. Simply ensure that you research the specific visa options, understand the eligibility criteria, and network with potential employers to increase your chances of securing a job offer and, subsequently, sponsorship.

Can I migrate to UK without a job offer?

While in some cases it is impossible to work in the UK without a job, this is not true in all cases. Migrating to the UK for work without a job offer is possible under certain circumstances, but it can be challenging. This is because the UK has specific immigration routes that allow individuals to work without a job offer, primarily in highly skilled or investor categories. These are some of the options:

uk visa sponsorship jobs
uk visa sponsorship jobs

Global Talent Visa:

If you are a recognized leader or emerging talent in your field, you can apply for the Global Talent Visa. For this type of visa, you do not need a job offer. However, you must be endorsed by a relevant UK endorsing body to be eligible.

Start-up Visa:

If you want to start a business in the UK, you can apply for the Start-up Visa. While this doesn’t require a traditional job offer, it does require endorsement from an approved UK endorsing body.

The Innovator Founder Visa:

Similar to the Start-up Visa, the Innovator Visa allows you to establish a business in the UK. The business must be an innovative business – something that’s different from options already on the market. However,  you also need an endorsement from a UK endorsing body to get the Innovator Founder Visa.

The Investor Visa (Tier 1):

If you are willing to invest a substantial amount of money in the UK, you can apply for the Investor Visa. A specific investment threshold must be met. However, this visa has been suspended and is therefore not available at this time.

Graduate Route:

If you have recently graduated from a UK institution, you can work in the UK for up to two years (or three years if you have a Ph.D.) without a job offer. The Graduate Route visa allows you to seek employment during this period.

It’s important to note that while these routes do not require a traditional job offer, they have other requirements, including meeting specific criteria, securing endorsements, or making significant investments. Additionally, immigration policies can change, so it’s advisable to check the latest information on the official UK government website or consult with an immigration expert to ensure you meet the necessary criteria for your desired immigration route.

What is the fastest way to get a job in UK?

There is no right or wrong answer to this question. Also, there is no manual for finding a job in the UK within a short timeframe. For some, they were able to secure UK visa sponsorship jobs within a few weeks, while others spent considerable time in the process before things clicked for them. 

However, the speed at which you can secure a job in the UK depends on various factors, including your qualifications, skills, industry demand, and personal circumstances.

uk visa sponsorship jobs
uk visa sponsorship jobs

How long does a UK sponsorship visa take?

The processing time for a UK sponsorship visa can vary depending on several factors, including the type of visa you’re applying for and your individual circumstances. As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, here are some general processing times for common UK sponsorship visas:

  • Skilled/Unskilled Worker Visa: The processing time for a Skilled Worker Visa can range from a few weeks to several months. In many cases, it’s around 8 weeks, but it may take longer during peak application periods or if there are complications with your application.
  • Intra-Company Transfer Visa: The processing time for this visa can also vary but is typically within the 2-12 week range. It may be quicker if you’re transferring within the same company.
  • Tier 2 (General) Visa (now part of the Skilled Worker category): This visa typically had a processing time of around 8 weeks.

It is important to note that these processing times are approximate and can change. The UK Visas and Immigration office will look to process most visa applications within a reasonable timeframe, but individual circumstances and the volume of applications can affect processing times. 

To get the most accurate and up-to-date information on processing times, it’s advisable to check the official UK government website or consult with the UK Visas and Immigration directly.

How to Apply for UK Visa Sponsorship Jobs

You can apply for UK visa sponsorship jobs by clicking on the links below:

How to get a visa sponsorship job in the UK as a foreigner?

If you are a foreigner looking to migrate to the UK via the visa sponsorship route, then you need to know that getting a work visa sponsor in the UK is an essential step. This is because you can not process a sponsorship package by yourself. 

The right to apply for sponsorship is an exclusive right reserved for employers alone, and you need an employer who finds you employable to get the backing that you need in processing the sponsorship package. Your sponsor will work closely with you throughout the process until you get the approval of the UK government. Once you are approved, obtaining a work visa will not be a big issue for you. 

uk visa sponsorship jobs
uk visa sponsorship jobs

So, what can you do when looking for a sponsor? Here’s a general process to help you find one and complete the whole process without issues:

  1. Identify the Type of Visa You Need: Determine the type of work visa you are eligible for, based on your skills, qualifications, and the job you intend to pursue. Common visas include the Skilled Worker Visa, Intra-Company Transfer Visa, or other specialized visas.
  2. Search for Job Opportunities: Look for job opportunities in the UK that match your qualifications and experience. You can use various job search websites, company career pages, and job placement agencies to find openings.
  3. Try to network with others: Build a network by connecting with people in your industry who work in the UK or are also in the process of migrating to the UK. They may have information that may be of help to you. Also, attend industry events, conferences, and join relevant online forums and social networks.
  4. Apply for Jobs: Apply for jobs that match your qualifications and skills. Also, ensure that your resume or CV highlights your relevant experience and skills.
  5. Interview with employers and secure a job offer: If an employer is interested in your application, you will likely be invited for an interview, which may be conducted over the phone, or via video conferencing. If you successfully pass the interview, you may then receive a job offer.
  6. Request a Certificate of Sponsorship (COS): Once your employer informs you that they are ready to employ you, then it is time to ask for a certificate of sponsorship. To process this for you, your prospective employer in the UK must be a licensed sponsor and will need to apply for a Certificate of Sponsorship (COS) on your behalf. They will provide you with the COS reference number, which is a crucial document for your visa application.
  7. Apply for a Work Visa: With the COS reference number, you can apply for the relevant work visa through the UK government’s official visa application portal. You’ll need to provide necessary documentation, including your COS and other required information.
  8. Pay Fees and Attend Biometrics Appointment: You’ll be required to pay the visa application fees and, in some cases, attend a biometrics appointment to provide fingerprints and a photograph.
  9. Wait for a Decision: The UK Visas and Immigration office will process your application, and you should receive a decision within a specified time frame.
  10. Travel to the UK: If your visa application is approved, you will receive a UK visa, which make you eligible to work in the UK. You can then travel to the UK to start your job.

It’s important to note that visa sponsorship is typically only granted for skilled or specific roles where there is a genuine need for a foreign worker. So, make sure to check the specific requirements for the type of visa you are applying for and consult the official UK government website for the most up-to-date information on visa applications and eligibility criteria.


There are thousands of opportunities for foreigners who want to immigrate to the United Kingdom for work. Also, you can apply for these visa sponsorship jobs as long as you meet the eligibility criteria. The process is fast, seamless, and straightforward. Also, there are a lot of employers waiting for you.

But, if UK visa sponsorship jobs do not interest you, you can go for US Visa sponsorship jobs or Australian visa sponsorship jobs. This may work just fine for you so that you may realise your migration dreams as soon as posssible.


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