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Explore Lucrative Computer Technician Jobs in Canada

In 2021, I took a step that changed my life forever. It was a big gamble at the time, but it settled my young family and helped me on the path to achieving my lifelong dreams. A friend had appraised my skills at the time and told me that with my skills I could apply for and land Computer technician jobs in Canada. And so I set about the process.

computer technician jobs in canada
computer technician jobs in canada

I did not realize at the time that I was merely coping with discomfort, and that I could do more if only I aimed higher. I was working at a top tech company in Nigeria at the time, as a software testing technician, earning a paltry pay that could barely support my family, let alone my dreams. At times, I struggled to pay rent and feed my family and life was a living hell.

However, I applied to a number of Information technology companies in Canada and got a job as an IT consultant at one of the top IT companies in Alberta. It was then that I witnessed first-hand how warm and accommodating Canada is to foreign workers.

From a decent salary to affordable healthcare services, I relished the opportunity to relocate my family to Canada permanently to enjoy a sustainable living. Today, my lifelong dreams have become a reality. It is refreshing to be in a country that offers you interesting opportunities.

This article is meant to present the step-by-step process involved in getting your dream job in Canada. It also sets to inform you of the steps that can make it easier for you to secure the place you desire to be as a computer technician in Canada.

 What does a computer technician do? 

The work of a computer technician is not complex to delineate. This includes troubleshooting hardware and software for business as well as maintaining and installing the smooth running of the computer. The following tips are worthy of note. 

Are computer technicians in demand in Canada? 

There will always be a need for computer technicians around the world. And Canada is no exception, being one of the thriving tech countries in North America. This has led to continuous demand for tech professionals in the field. 

The rapid growth of startups and the emergence of tech companies in the countries have immensely contributed to the high demand for web technicians, computer technicians, and web networks. If you are considering a job as a computer technician in Canada. It is ‌as if you’re considering a formidable future.

Why put in for Technician jobs in Canada   

It is an undeniable fact that technician jobs are one of the leading jobs in downtown Canada. This is not even connected to the decent earning that is involved, but the propensity for jobs gives hope and projects to the future of Canada as one of the countries recruiting the brightest technicians around the globe. Let us briefly highlight how you can secure a job in Canada with these 5 tips.   

Some computer technician jobs in Canada

Over a hundred technician jobs are available in Canada today. One of the most interesting jobs you can do in Canada to become successful is computer technician jobs which offer different areas of interest you can venture into. Among them are computer support technicians but before we delve into such. Let us briefly discuss some technician jobs you can do to make a sustainable living: Here are the top-rated computer technician jobs in Canada and their location. Let’s look at some technician jobs in Canada:

Top list of computer technician jobs in Canada

There are numerous jobs you can do as a computer technician in Canada. However, if you are looking for authentic jobs in various IT locations in Canada this year, here is the list of jobs for you. You can also find a list of computer technician jobs in Canada aside from the one listed below, including how to apply, qualifications, job description, job duties, and responsibilities.

Firstly, check the various computer technician jobs available below:

  • Computer Technician Verified
  • Computer Support Technician
  • Technicien informatique
  • Part-time Computer Technician Job in Toronto
  • Technicien informatique
  • Nortech Solutions Informatique
  • Computer Technician
  • Computer Technician
  • Product Specialist / Computer Technician
  • Service Technician – Gatineau
  • Computer Technician Verified
  • Computer Install Technician
  • Computer Technician
  • Technicien Informatique
  • CAD (computer-assisted drafting) technician
  • Computer/Laptop Repair Technician 
  • Computer Technician/IT Field Technician
  • I.T. Technician
  • Computer Network Technician Verified
  • Technicien de dépannage informatique sur la route
  • Computer/Cellphone Technician
  • Full-Time Computer and Cell Phone Repair Technician
  • Computer Technician
  • Computer Service Technician Verified
  • Greentec International Inc
  • Toronto Computer Services Centre, Inc.
  • Computer Technician
  • Service Technician – Kingston etc….

Do I need a professional certification for a Computer technician jobs in Canada?

You are lucky if you choose IT job as a career in Canada. Information Technology is a wide industry that continues to grow in every corner of the country. That’s why Canada is regarded as the leading information technology hub across other European countries. There are different opportunities for various IT jobs and professionals in their dealings. 

computer technician jobs in canada
computer technician jobs in canada

However, in order to be fully established as a computer technician, the job requires a professional certificate or university degree and a college diploma tailored to the IT-related field. Professional certification is important because many employers want to know your strength and competence.

Lastly, the good thing about working in Canada as an immigrant is that they are very open and unbiased with foreigners when it comes to IT jobs. And that is if you are fully prepared and follow the job’s guidelines. Before we move further, read these insightful tips on their employment requirements: 

Employment requirements  

As a prospective applicant who is willing to work as a computer technician in Canada. The following requirements are applicable to them:

  • Applicants must complete a college or other program in computer science or network administration. 
  • Applicants must be registered with a regulatory body based in Saskatchewan. 
  • Some employers require certification or training provided by software vendors, if required, to obtain it. 

Professional certification and licensing

Getting a certificate from regulatory authorities is required before starting a job in Canada. You can find out more information about it here

Tips that can help you get a job as a computer technician in Canada

It is unarguably true that we live in a digitalized world. Many areas of life are influenced by computers in different forms, which continue to play pivotal roles in our lives as humans. 

This means that computer technical roles cannot be divorced from our day-to-day activities. To keep the world running and make it functional, there is always a need for computer specialists such as computer technicians to solve our problems. Here are 5 tips that would get you ready for a job as a computer technician in Canada:

Gain relevant skills

It is essential to gain invaluable skills to have access to technician jobs in Canada. That said, most technicians have a certain degree one way or the other. According to research, over 40 percent of computer technicians have a bachelor’s degree, 38 percent have an associate degree and 10 percent have a high school diploma. Many of these computer technicians study computer science, information technology, or other related fields. You can gain more relevant skills here.

A well-equipped training program and a college degree can put you in the forefront of seamless opportunities you need to build your experience and expertise which would give you an advantage over other applicants in search of a job. 

Volunteer your skills    

Another way to improve yourself is to volunteer your skills to any organization that is looking for computer technicians. This should be followed by a request for recommendation letters outlining your skills and the contribution you have made in the journey of being a volunteer. This will give you the edge over other applicants. If you are willing to volunteer your skills to have more chances in IT jobs in Canada, apply here.

Apply for internship

You can apply for an internship online or on any job platform to gain more experience as a computer technician. This is another easy route to make yourself a sought-after applicant, positioning you to gain more experience in the company you might want to work in and network with the professionals in the sector. 

Internships can sometimes be paid or unpaid depending on the company you are interning for. But one of the great benefits you will have is getting connected with IT professionals and opportunities to learn from their experience and drive your personal growth and development.

If you want to get job as an intern and get paid, apply here

Practice common IT interview questions

Lack of confidence breeds nervousness and many people feel nervous when they are called for an interview with the hiring manager. And this always occurs due to a lack of adequate preparation for the interview. You can build your confidence before your hiring manager without feeling nervous if you read the following techniques. Here are the ten tips to answer your interview questions. Also, read about the most likely question for the interview here. 

Start applying for jobs 

People always push out for jobs they think they are not qualified for due to lack of some qualifications. Don’t be one of them. Pay adequate attention and carefully read their instructions and guidelines because some companies might ask you to send your resume through emails, while others want you to fill out the form online. 

Ensure you make your statement strong and highlight your experience and achievement in clear language, unambiguous language. Don’t forget your first job as a computer technician goes a long way in defining your career going forward, and the experience gained would assist you in your endeavor to get high-paying jobs in other IT-related fields like cyber security, cloud engineering, system administration, and software development. If you are looking for where to apply for jobs as a computer technician, kindly apply here.

Benefits of being a computer technician

No doubt, computers have become an integral part of our daily lives without which life might be a bit difficult for us. From boarding flights online to google searching ideas and solutions to our lives, computers have contributed to the psychological, economic, and emotional growth of human beings and made life convenient for us.

 But when these gadgets start to develop faults, it is difficult to use them for all these multifarious purposes.

Hence, the best way to fix computer-related issues is to hire a professional computer technician. This would save time and erase the possibility of causing harm to our devices. By helping you address the needs of your device by bringing their knowledge and experience to bear, the role of computer technician becomes indispensable.

In other words, I know computer technicians as computer specialists. They offer advice and assistance to employees and organizations on hardware and software issues.

Top IT courses to study 

If you don’t know which course you can do to secure a job as a computer technician, you are not alone. In 2019, When I migrated to Canada, I didn’t gain clarity on which course I could enroll in until I read a story in the Sing Sao Newspaper. Quite several interesting IT courses are available to study in Canada. Below is a list of some.

  • Software engineering 
  • Cloud computing 
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning 
  • Cyber security 
  • Web development


If you are considering a career in technology, Canada is the best place for you. The reason is, that they have a wide array of courses and programs for passionate tech enthusiasts like you, as the demand for IT specialists is on the rise in the country. Computer technician, especially, has become one of the most lucrative jobs in Canada. This is not unconnected to the shortage of skills in the labor force.

So before getting to work as a computer technician, it is important to have at least a diploma in the field of computer engineering and other related courses. This provides you with the golden opportunity to compete seamlessly in the field.


What is the average salary for an IT technician in Ontario?

On Sept 22, 2023. The basic salary of an IT technician in Ontario is  $$22.01 an hour. According to ZipRecruiter, the salary is pegged around  $37.50. The overall salary of many technicians is  $18.03   

How do I become a computer technician in Canada? 

To become a full-time technician, you will be required to have a certificate in electronics or a two to three-year college program in electronic servicing and repair. Not only that, the applicant should have completed his/her high school or college courses.   

How much do entry-level computer engineers make in Canada? 

As of September 2023. The normal salary for an entry-level computer engineer is  CA$99,435 per year in Canada.

Is computer engineering in demand in Canada?

Since there is a shortfall in the labor market, especially in IT-related jobs, there is a high demand for computer engineering in Canada.

Is being a computer technician stressful? 

Computer technician jobs can be stressful if there are workloads. For instance, you might be required to complete two or three tasks altogether. The level of stress is to some extent dependent on the type of company you work for.

However, it is also possible that you have friends or family members who may be interested in exploring visa sponsorship opportunities. In that case, be sure to inform others of visa sponsorship opportunities that exist elsewhere, such as in the UK, Canada and Australia as well as US tailoring jobs with visa sponsorship and waiter jobs in USA with visa sponsorship.

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