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Grants assist several organizations finance their operations and in meeting their targeted goals. There are various processes involved both pre and post-grant award including tasks such as grant funding, reporting and implementation. As a firm, you can get the best free grant management software that will aid the success of your organisation.

Grant Management Software assists fund-seeking organizations such as non-profits and universities in administering and automating the grant process.

The features and functionality of Grant Management Software include grant discovery, budget planning, peer collaboration, regulatory compliance, proposal submission, administrative reporting and project tracking.

What You Should Know About Grant Management Software?

Organizations need a system that will make their tasks seamless and fair. For grant scheme, they need to supervise the post-award process that includes buying of the research pieces of equipment, tracking and certifying the research process, and even the accounting and reporting progress to the grantors.

The grant managers usually write the grants and identify the various grant project teams, and they require to cross check all the applicants and ensure that they are funding morally right groups and not terrorists.

Since these grants require some level of compliance, accountability and reporting, the entities that receive such funding must also report back to the grantors.

All these tasks are time-consuming, and thus Grant management software comes in to play in such operations.

Grant Management Software are available as self-hosted programs that are installed on the organization’s servers, or as web-based cloud applications that are hosted on the provider’s servers.

The Grant Management Software assist grant managers, principal investigators, researchers and other individuals ease grant-related administrative tasking. Federal Grants for Master’s Degree

What are the Top Free Grant Management Software?

They include OpenProject, ProjectLibre, Fluxx, PeopleSoft Enterprise Grants Management, Wizehive, GrantHub, and Award Force for Grants Starter.

What are the Top Grant Management Software?

This includes Workday Grants Management, GrantVantage, MicroEdge GIFTS, eAwards, Academicworks, eCivis, Foundant GLM, FluidReview, Abila Grant Management, Blue Wren GRM, Versaic Grants, Award Force, GMS360°, AIMS, AwardVision, and Evalato.

What are Grant Management Software?

The Grant Management Software is an application that helps to streamline and automate all grant-related actions such as opportunity discovery, workflow tracking and team collaboration.

The software facilitates the grants practices and ensures transparency in the grant process including making sure that the funds granted are used according to the grantor’s requirements.

A majority of grant software are available on hosted service that is (SAAS) Software as a Service or a cloud-based service which means it’s a very secure application.

Top Free Grant Management Software:

  1. OpenProject: This is a project management open source platform that is designed to enhance seamless operation by project managers and teams on a project.

OpenProject will enable project managers to create schedules and environments that will empower all members of the team, spark their creativity and optimize all their resources.

The transparency wil be topnotch as team members can share plans and product road maps with clients, shareholders and colleagues.

OpenProject has a multi-project scheduling feature that provides you with a multi-project timeline report that enable you to see the progress of all your projects in one place.

The good thing about this platform I that yu can see the progress of all your projects in one place and you can quickly identify changes to your schedules and inform you stockholders.

  1. ProjectLibre: This is another open source management solution that is designed to provide both free desktop and disruptive cloud solutions.

It can easily run on several platforms such as windows, Mac OS and Linux and it is very good for helping you to keep track of your team’s tasks.

This is an ideal platform for you if your business is small to mid-sized and has single project requirements. It handles your single projects with traditional PM tools like calendar and an interactive Gantt chart that will take care of scheduling and project hierarchy aspect.

  1. Fluxx: This is a technology that strengthens the philanthropic ecosystem, it has developed a grant management software that that enables transparent, accessible and more connected ecosystem for all funders and impact investors.

Fluxx grantseekers serves as a bridge for collaboration between nonprofits and funders. You can apply, track, post and share impact stories from one place.

There is a single dashboard for essential grants, timelines and insights. It allows you to set your own to-dos and save time with auto recommended responses to recurring questions.

With Flux Grantseekers you continuously share knowledge with funders. You can easily share a running…

  1. PeopleSoft Enterprise Grants Management Software: This application is a web-based software that manages the full life cycle of research administration which include proposal generation, transitioning proposals into awards, award tracking, facilities and administration processing, comprehensive bill generation and flexible financial reporting.

It provides a single and accurate view of all projects related activities to enable you to choose and prioritize projects, assign right resources and proactively streamline execution and track profits.

The application’s tools offer a comprehensive development tool set to support runtime and development of people soft applications.

  1. Wizehive: It is a grant management and membership management software that is very appropriate for the non profit organizations.

WizeHive’s grant management system organizes grant applications in to foldness through automated work flow rules.

With this platform, you can get applications through an organization’s website, a facebook page or even directly a hasted software portal.

Wize hive main features include online submission, interview scheduling, collaborative interview data validation configurable ranking grants website a facebook page or directly via a hasted software portal.

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