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What is grants management? – what you should know

If you’ve never heard of grants management before, you’re not alone! We are here to help you know, though. So then, what is grants management?

We take it that you are probably new to the grant management process, and so doesn’t know much about the system. That is not a problem, though, since we all started from somewhere at some point in our respective fields. So, where you are right now is not a problem, as long as you are ready to learn what you currently don’t know.

We know that’s why you are here, though, because you want to know more about the grants management system. Because you desire an answer to the question, “What is grants management.” Well, let’s delve into that subject then, shall we?

Let’s take a closer look at what goes into successful grants management.

what is grants management

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What Are Grants And What Is Grant Management Cycle?

We assume, at this point, that you at least know what grants are, right? If you do, then we are good to go. But, let’s say you do not, so we will start from the very beginning! This approach stems from the thinking that we cannot say ‘what is grants management’ without first understanding what grants are.

Grants are financial aid from one of:

  • The Federal Government
  • State Governments in the US
  • Private Organizations and other civic groups

Grants are aid packages (more like free money) usually released to individuals or organizations for different purposes. It may be for the purpose of education, skill acquisition, getting good food and supplies to families that need it, weatherization, and a host of other imperatives.

Simply put, grants are needs-based financial aid packages targeted at families, individuals and organization who have dire financial needs and are therefore in need of external financial help. However, not all grants are free monies. There are conditions set by grant-giving entities, which differ from one grant to the other, and also impose differing obligations on the grant receivers.

What this means, is that while you are not expected to pay some grants back, it is not a universal condition for all grants in the United States. Some grants require their beneficiaries to work in certain capacities within the territorial confines of the grant provider, while other grants have different other criteria for their own financial award.

So, what is grants management?

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What is grants Management?

Grants management is the process of overseeing the receipt, administration and expenditure of grant funds. Think of it as keeping the inventory of goods in a store!

It is imperative, and you do not get to skip the process or any reason (provided that you do not like losses).

You want to know what comes into your store and what goes out. You know which product is doing well against those that are just sitting on your shelves, taking your space and tying your capital. Not only that, but you want to know how many units of which stock has been sold, so you can know how many units to replace it with.

You want to keep track of demands, so that you do not fall short in your supply efforts. You want to know everything about goods in the store. And so your inventory system helps you to keep track, so that you know when to do what, as well as how best to meet challenges and come up with good results in the long run.

You are probably wondering how this concerns grants management. Maybe it hasn’t answered the initial question you had, that “what is grants management.”

Well, the truth is that, you or your organization will probably have a number of grants in the works at different times, and you’d want to keep track of every single one of them. You’d want to know which one is up at a particular time; you’d want reminders for expiring grant opportunities; you’d want to classify your grant applications; and you’d want to make sure that you have a good grip on every grant.

In its simplest form, grant management refers to the administrative tasks and procedures involved in obtaining and meeting grant conditions. There is a lot of organization required in this process for both grant makers and grant seekers, which can be enhanced by practical management techniques and tools.

Given that grants are essentially contracts, this is significant. Grant management makes sure that everyone complies with the terms of the grant agreement, which may specify the intended use of the funds, implementation techniques, reporting guidelines, and timetables. Grant management enables companies to deploy cash wisely to worthwhile initiatives that further organizational goals.

Therefore, everyone can gain from a clear, well-managed approach, whether you’re an NGO looking for funding to support your work or a firm wishing to streamline or improve the grantmaking process. Additionally, this strategy calls for an overseer, often known as a grant manager, to lay out the steps and oversee them from start to finish.

what is grants management

Why Is Grants Management Important?

Don’t forget that your question at the outset was “What is grants management.” And, now that it is starting to unravel before your eyes, it’s time to tell you more about it.

Grants management is a process that is often overlooked, but is actually quite important. Grants management is important for two key reasons. First, grants are public funds and must be used responsibly. Second, grants can make a major impact on an organization’s program outcomes. Grants management is therefore the system by which organizations ensure that both of these things happen.

It includes everything from developing a grant proposal to tracking spending and results after the grant has been awarded. Additionally, grants management is critical to ensuring that your organization gets the most out of its grants, both financially and in terms of program outcomes.

What is grants management? Are we getting closer to fully answering your initial question? We are definitely very close!

So, let’s look into the key components of grants management, then.

What Are The Key Components Of Grants Management?

As we are looking into your initial concern, which is “what is grant management”, we can’t but also look into the key components of the grant management process.

The key components of grants management are:

  • Tracking and reporting
  • Communication
  • Administration
  • Due diligence

Tracking and reporting is essential to ensure that your grant is being used in the way that you intended and that you’re meeting all the requirements of both your grant provider. Communication is key to a successful introduction to grants management—you need to be able to effectively communicate with all members of your team, as well as with the individuals or organizations that you’re granting money to. Administration includes tasks like creating budgets and tracking expenses, while due diligence is the process of verifying that a grant receiver is qualified and meets all the necessary criteria (anyone getting a grant through your organization must be worthy of the grant money).

How close are you to getting a full answer to your initial question that “what is grants management?”

What Are Some Grant Management Best Practices?

What is grants management?

The grants management process can be narrowed down to a few key steps:

1) Establishing clear goals and objectives.

2) Creating and implementing a system to track progress.

3) Seeking and evaluating feedback.

4) Being prepared to make changes when necessary.

These steps are important for every grants manager, but they’re especially crucial when working with government grants. It’s also important to be organized and have good communication skills. In order to avoid any miscommunication or conflict, it’s best to keep track of all your notes and communicate with all relevant parties on a regular basis. What is grants management?

Finally, be always prepared to adapt to changes. The grant-making process is constantly evolving, so in your grants management training, you’ll need to be flexible and willing to change with the times. At this point, think about how close you are to answering your initial question that “What is grants management?”

To enhance your process, you may read these two resources:

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What are some common challenges with grants management?

One cannot seek to learn what is grants management, without also trying to understand the challenges that are connected to the process.

One of the biggest challenges with grants management is staying organized. This involves tracking all aspects of the grant from application to closeout, and making sure all required reports and documentation are filed on time. It can be tricky to keep everything straight, especially if you’re working with multiple grants at once.

Another common challenge is communicating with grantees effectively. Grant receivers often have questions about what’s expected of them and what they need to do to meet the requirements of the grant.

As a grant manager, it’s important that you are clear and concise in your communications, and to make sure you’re providing all the necessary information.

Finally, it’s important to be proactive in problem-solving. If something goes wrong or there’s a snag in the grant process, it’s up to the grant manager to find a solution.

These are just a few of the common challenges with grants management. By being prepared and addressing potential problems head-on, you can make the process smoother for everyone involved.

If you want to know more about practical grants management, you can access sample grant management pdfs here

What is the role of a grants Manager?

The management of the entire grant management cycle falls to the grant manager.


We started this article with the question, “What is grants management?” We hope you now know everything there is to know about the process.

Grants management is an important process to ensure that your grant funding is used effectively and efficiently.

And by following the key components of grants management and abiding by best practices, as well as correct tools and processes, you can avoid common challenges, manage a productive program that accomplishes your goals and ensure that your grant funding is put to good use, while also keeping your sanity.

So, what are you waiting for?

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